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wonderful stories

by A Happy Wife

He wore an 8 & ½ in a woman’s shoe. Very few men know their size in a woman’s shoe but he did. To make matters worse his wife knew, his mother in law knew, his sister in law knew his mother and his sister all knew.
The day he learned his woman’s shoe size is a day he shan’t forget. One day in his life that changed so much. The simple act of having his foot measured, just a bit of fun for the ladies, just a joke really, the next thing you know your life is completely different.
His mother, mother in law, sister in law and wife were playing cards one sunny Sunday afternoon. His sister would join them later but for now he was pressed into service as the forth hand. There was more girl talk than card play and he was often brought into the conversation, for a "man’s perspective". The ladies talked about clothes, shoes, hair and makeup. They also talked about who wore what, how they looked and how the various men in their lives reacted to it. He had been in these conversations many times and knew from the way the ladies talked to him he was considered just a bit less than the men they chatted about. He was often referred to as the extra girl.
He usually served them their tea and made the little sandwiches they dined on. Today was no exception and he wore the dainty tea apron his mother in law had given him on his birthday. "I know you hate the apron." His wife said, "But mummy loves to see you in it." " And I love you for being man enough to be a little feminine." He was afraid the apron made him a little more than a little feminine in appearance.
His sister didn’t bother with the doorbell, the card players all heard her cheerful "I’m here girls" shouted from the hallway. He blushed as she kissed his cheek girl style and asked, "How are you gals today?" He noticed his mother in law smile at the girl and gal reference that included him. His sister was carrying three shoeboxes from one of the more up scale stores in town. "Missy’s is having the best sale ever, I bought the cutest shoes." She said. His wife wanted to have a look right now and his sister wanted to show off her new shoes. Soon the women were voicing their approval and were looking at the shoes as only a woman can look at a shoe. When it happened. His sister said to everyone, "Jimmy and I wore the same size shoe for years." His wife smiled and said, "and did he wear yours?" Never breaking stride his sister said, "Oh yes I used to make him dress up for me all the time. Mommy and I thought for a while I would wind up with a little sister instead of a little brother." The women looked at him and his mother in law said, "Jimmy why don’t you try on a pair?" Then they all were urging him to "try on a pair". His sister said "there are some knee highs in one of the shoe boxes, go on Jimmy you always liked to wear my clothes." Both his wife and mother in law were looking at him as though they were both cats and he was a trapped mouse. His sister was holding a pair of chunky heeled loafers out to him. He managed to say, "I am sure my feet have grown sis." His wife said, "Try anyway". He slipped of his own shoes as his sister gave him the stockings. "I know you know how to put them on" and he knew it too. With one stocking on His sister in law said "His feet are so pretty." "Look at how tiny his feet are, with a coat of polish on his toes he could wear open toes." The women had moved in to take a look at these pretty feet. His sister said, "I know he will look smart in some nice pumps." His mother in law said, "his feet are really petite."
Then his wife said, "I just wish I had paid more attention to how small his feet were before we were married." His mother in law nodded and said "oh dear is he small in that area too?" His mother didn’t help things by saying "he was always little down there" "I always felt sorry for him and thought it was probably best that he was girlish." "Shit" he thought what the hell are these women trying to do to him. He knew he was OK in "that area" he got no complaints from his wife Cathy. His sister had slipped the loafers on his feet and had him standing. She rolled up his pant legs a couple of turns and the women were gushing about how nice he looked in "those shoes". "See 8 & 1/2 just like your sister and me" his mother said. Before the afternoon was over he had modeled all three pairs of shoes and was unceremoniously dismissed by his wife with the instructions to "pick a nice color and do those toes, Miss pretty foot!"
The gals finished their card game while he sat dejectedly in the corner and gave himself his first pedicure. His wife instructed him to go upstairs and fetch her red canvas sandals, "they are a nine but they tie at the ankle and should fit you alright." Before he could protest his ever-cheerful sister was dragging him up to the Mistresses shoe closet for his next humiliation. The sandals were in the words of the women "absolutely adorable". He never thought he would hear his shoes described as adorable. They were red canvass; a wide band went across the vamp of his foot. There were two straps that wrapped around his ankle and tied in the back with a bow. The shoes had a jute covered high wedge sole. Because the shoes and his feet were "so pretty" his sister thought he should be wearing a skirt or Capri’s. She yelled down to his wife who answered back with a disinterested "whatever".
An embarrassed young husband descended the stairway to the applause of the assembled ladies. His red print skirt swirled prettily as he walked. His wife and mother in law stood a little bit off to one side and didn’t seem to be enjoying the scene as much as the other girls. He finished the day still in the skirt. When the girls left he was hugged and air kissed just like all the "other girls", he fixed a light supper for his wife and himself, they watched a little television and went up to bed early. He was still in the skirt and sandals when his wife said; "I have never been so embarrassed in my life." "I thought I was marrying a man, but look at you traipsing around in a skirt and sandals, with your toenails painted yet!" "And now I find out you have been playing dress up with your mother and sister for your whole childhood." "To embarrass me further your small penis size is open for discussion." "Your mother seems to be willing to talk about it in front of all our friends." "Maybe we should have all had a look at the little darling." "I’ll bet the girls would have thought it was pretty and petite just like your feet!" "It’s bad enough I have to pretend that you are big enough to satisfy me now the whole world knows that your mother and big sister though it best that you are girlish!" He was crushed, he was humiliated, he couldn’t look at her and when he looked down past the hem of his red skirt he saw the painted toenails peeking prettily from the sandals on his girly feet. "Honey" he said, "It was all in fun, you and the girls were urging me to try on sis’s shoes and one thing led to another." "How could I have stopped it?" she asked. "You were into it and, and you were a girl!!" "Lift that skirt I want to see your disgusting little penis." Blushing with shame he complied. She slid his shorts down and said, "These won’t do, its panties for you from now on girl." "Oh God it is little," she said. "I never really looked at it." "It is tiny, almost like a model of a real man’s penis."
As disgusted with him as she was she used him that night as though he was her bride. When he tried to enter her she guided his head to where she wanted it, placed his pillow beneath her buttocks and kept him at it for hours. He brought her to several powerful shuddering orgasms and even more softer ones. As she was about to peak once more he would move to mount her only to have his head slapped by her or his ears grabbed and his mouth placed right back where she wanted it. When she was finally through she said, "oh that was good, here I have a treat for you" And she took his penis in her hand and quickly brought him off. "Well that was quick, it’s a good thing I didn’t count on that for satisfaction." "Now clean your self off and go to sleep. Big day tomorrow missy." "Missy indeed," he thought as he drifted off to sleep. "I will get this whole thing straightened out in the morning".
He felt pretty good when sleep finally overtook him. She was already up when he awoke. He heard voices in the kitchen. He recognized his wife’s voice and his sisters. Slipping on his robe over the panties he was placed in the night before he went down for coffee. His wife and sister were looking through a pile of clothing and shoes, his sister was saying, "I don’t wear these anymore, and I know they will fit him, so rather than just give them to the Good Will I thought he could use them." " Oh thank you so much, I think he will be so cute in them." His wife was saying. He asked, "What’s going on girls?" Cathy said, "Cheryl has brought over some things that she says will fit you" "Yeah thanks sis, this is all ladies stuff" he said. His ever-helpful wife replied; "after yesterday I think this stuff as you call it suits you just fine." Cheryl said, "I have to run girls, have fun".
After he had fixed a light breakfast for Cathy and himself she ordered him upstairs for a bath and some serious hair removal. "If you plan on wearing this stuff I am going to make sure you look your best." The fact that he hadn’t planned on wearing it seemed to be lost on her. In the bath his wife assisted him with his shaving she even took the razor and trimmed his sparse pubic hair to a neat feminine triangle then with a slightly wicked smile she took the razor and sculpted the top of the triangle and turned it into a pretty heart. He saw what she had done and watched as his manhood shriveled in his embarrassment. She had him get out and dry off and powder himself with sweet smelling powder. Then she took a small pink box and said, "I’ll bet you haven’t seen one of these" and he hadn’t. It looked like a small piece of lace with strings attached "Watch" she said. She took his penis between her fingers and shook her head, and then she laid it on the cloth. When he started to erect she flipped the small head with her fingernail and it softened right up, "that’s better," she said to herself. Then she folded the cloth up and began to tighten up the laces. She tightened the little device just as she would tighten a small corset. Soon she had his already not too large penis reduced to about the diameter of his index finger. A small silver lock went through the laces and his small but once proud vestige of manhood was now quite feminine and in her control. She bent down and took the only exposed portion, the head between her lips and sucked. His body tried to respond, blood rushed to the penis, it tried with all it’s little mite but alas no erection was forth coming, he was as soft as a baby, "soft like a girl" she said. With his shaved legs, heart shaped pubic hair and delicately dressed penis he certainly didn’t resemble a man. She patted the sheathed penis and said, "don’t get any ideas about removing it, you’re my girl now little one, and I do mean little." Jimmy wore white jeans a pink tee and white flat sandals his still painted toe nails were like little sissy calling cards the latest indignity was the B cup bra that clearly showed through the tee top. The small white clutch bag tucked up beneath his arm reduced any chance of masculine identity to just about nothing. He lifted his head as his wife applied a touch of color to his lips she clipped a pair of silver earrings to his ear lobes and clapped her hands with unconcealed happiness. His misery was obvious he had never been so humiliated in his life. His wife had dressed him in this horrid manner and his mother and mother in law were about to arrive at any minute for a "fun day of lunch and shopping with the girls". It would be fun for them but he had a feeling that any laughter would be pointed at him.
"The girls" arrived with shouts of "Oh my God, he is adorable" and from his own mother "that little purse is just divine". In a few minutes they had reduced him to near tears then turned their conversation to where they would go, what they would, where they would eat he was drawn into the conversation with questions like; "do you have lipstick in your bag sweetie?" "Those sandals are really cute and they look comfortable, you made a smart choice hon". He hadn’t chosen anything is beaming wife had set him up and his sister was playing her hand in the whole thing to perfection. His mother in law noticed how well his white jeans fit him in the crotch area and commented on it. She said, "why it’s as if he has no, male package at all." "Isn’t that sweet, I guess being tiny down there has its rewards." Then she turned to his wife and said "Oh dear I am sorry I can only imagine how difficult it is for you." "You poor thing you must be starving for real size." "Oh well maybe someday soon you will.
The girls were relatively kind to him there were surprisingly few insults directed at him. It was as though he had become one of them, they were treating him as if he was another woman. Somehow this was even more humiliating than the teasing had been. And his ability to resist this journey into femininity had become impossible for him to resist. Much to his utter humiliation he was becoming a girl of his own free will.
It was decided that some shopping was in order as the new girl was woefully low on lingerie. The Feminine Underworld was a very upscale intimate apparel store. It was not the place any man would feel comfortable in. This store exuded femininity and sex appeal, he was out of his league for sure. The staff turned to greet the new arrivals with warm feminine greetings. He was not spared the humiliation air kissing, shoe compliments and being included in everything by the use of feminine pronouns. Right off the bat he was "just a girl" and it was soon noted that he was the designated customer. As a customer he was quickly assigned a changing room, given a cup of tea in a dainty cup and introduced to a young girl who would assist him in his intimate fitting. This was all done with undisguised joy at his descent into the world of feminine underwear.
Claudia was his assistant and she lost no time in figuring out the order of control here, even though he was the customer, these women would call the shots and the sissy was here for their amusement. Well that worked for her and she would make sure this little sissy was properly pantied and padded before he walked out of here with a dented credit card. Claudia had Jim strip "Oh my God, that’s adorable" she said when she saw the delicate little sheath that effectively feminized his penis. She held it in her hand and felt it attempt to erect. She knew the tight lacing restricted it but she was smart enough to play her hand farther "Oh my it is so tiny and it doesn’t work." "Well it’s good you’re more girl than boy, isn’t it?" she asked with a smile. So after a few hundred of his dollars were spent and he was humiliated further the girls and Claudia sat down for tea Jim was asked about boyfriends, makeup, shoes and if he was comfortable in his new bra and tummy slimmer. All he could do was mumble in the affirmative. Jim noticed his mother in-law slip Claudia a one hundred-dollar bill and whisper "thank you" as the ladies left the shop. Jim’s new bra held a size larger form; he was now a proud C cup girl there was no way his bust could be concealed. And he reasoned "so what" with his sandals, painted toe nails, feminine pants and tee top the tits didn’t really matter much now he was totally debased and just wanted out.
Jim seemed to come to when he felt the waiter hold his hand as he slid into his seat at the restaurant. It was as though he just now noticed the yellow sundress and white high-heeled strappy sandals he wore. He touched his styled hair noticed his "done" nails and realized he had crossed a line he hadn’t known existed.
Two weeks later the girls had gathered for cards Jim wore a simple white skirt rose sweater and tan pumps with nude hose. His jewelry was simple, his makeup minimal he took their wraps and handbags and put them on a spare bed. He went into his wife’s bedroom after a discreet knock and announced the arrival of the guests. She smiled sweetly at him and said, "you look very nice today dear" he murmured a small thank you. He tried not to look at the man next to her. She was aware of his embarrassment and his discomfort. She said "Did you press Dan’s trousers and polish his shoes like you were asked?" "Yes dear" he replied. "Good, after you assist him with his toilet you can help him dress." Jim heard the girl’s laughter and heard the occasional comment. He heard his wife say "Oh my God Dan is huge I can hardly walk after he stays over." Jim’s cheeks burned with embarrassment as he knelt to tie Dan’s black wing tip shoes. Jim had looked inside when he polished them, Dan wore a size 13 wide in a man’ shoe.
A Happy Wife
Ascension by: A Happy Wife

I guess I should have seen it coming, but love is blind, and I do love her. We have been married for 12 years. We were married ten years when it started. Kathleen had always been very sure of herself and very sure of what was best for the marriage and me. It was her second marriage, my first. She was six years older than me and made it clear from the beginning that I would have to work to keep her. I didn’t mind, she was the most wonderful woman I had ever met. She told me up front that she enjoyed sex and expected to be pleasured often and well and that if I wasn’t up to the task she knew of several men who could satisfy her in the manner she expected.
Kathleen had many men friends and made it clear that she wasn’t going to give them up just because she was married. She promised to remain faithful as long as I was able to keep her content sexually and emotionally. For the first few years it was easy. She had her dates with her "boys" but I was confident nothing was going on. From the start Kathleen let it be known that she expected oral sex, and expected to have at least two orgasms orally before I entered her. When I expressed a desire to receive oral sex she was cool to the idea. She reminded me that my job was to keep her happy if I still expected fidelity.
Kathleen had been firm with me about so called "men’s and women’s roles" in our relationship. What this meant to me is that I was expected to do most of the things a wife usually did, and she didn’t do much. Kathleen had her ideas about my clothing and insisted on me being dressed to her specifications and sometimes I wasn’t too happy with her choices. One time she bought me two pair of what she called Italian slacks. They may have been Italian but I suspected they were for Italian women. They had no back pockets, very narrow belt loops, a fake fly and hidden side zipper. They had no cuffs and were cut as though they would look best with a high heel. I didn’t like these pants and told her so. I said I have no way to carry my wallet or keys. The next day she brought home a "man’s hand bag" and I said no way. Things chilled around the house for us. That night I preformed cunilingus on her for an hour, I brought her to four climaxes when she was finished and I attempted to go into her she pushed me aside and said "not tonight".
The next day she brought home a pair of what she said were boots to go with my slacks. These boots were made by Naturalizer, who only makes women’s shoes. They had a two-inch stacked heel and were almost as shinny as patent leather. These were women’s shoes. I pretended not to notice and tried them on with my Italian slacks. The boots were a little tight so she loaned me some knee high stockings to wear, saying, "who will notice?" I noticed and felt like a fool in these girls boots, girls pants carrying this little purse that was supposed to be a "man’s bag". It may have been but I wasn’t the kind of man who carried a purse.
Sex got back on track, well almost back on track I was bringing her off nearly every night but not having intercourse that often. She had taken to masturbating me instead of letting me in her.

Then one night she stopped even that and had me do it myself while she watched. I was eating her every night, jacking myself off while she watched about three nights and she would jack me off maybe once a week. The other nights I got nothing, intercourse was maybe a monthly thing now.
She had bought me more pants and shoes. The pants she bought were even tighter in the fanny than the first ones were. The shoes were clearly women’s oxfords and loafers one pair had at least a two and a half inch heel and she even got me a pair of penny loafers in red. She wanted me to wear the red shoes with some faded denim jeans that had red stitching in the seams and the flowers on each back pocket. I refused and for that refusal I was denied even my masturbation rights for three weeks. When I caved in and accepted the "invitation" to "wear my pretty jeans and matching shoes" I was awarded masturbation with her soft hands. But she added "nicer underwear (panties) to my list of things I had to wear. She became upset with the hair on my feet showing through my knee-highs. She said, "since you insist on wearing women’s hose you will have to respect real women enough to shave your hairy legs". I tried to tell her that it was her idea to have me wearing the stockings she just said "whatever, shave anyway". I knew that I had best shave my legs if I ever hoped to get my masturbation fix from her.
She started buying me tee shirts. She called them European style tee shirts, but I thought they were women’s tops. They were all in pastels and rib knits they looked pretty feminine to me. She was going out about twice a week with "her guys" who ever it happened to be would pick her up at the house and I would be expected to answer the door, fix them a drink or offer refreshments. I always got a looking over by the guy of the day. She always managed to humiliate me a little in front of him before they left. She would do things like order me to kneel and dust off imaginary dust from her shoe, once I had to bend down and tie the shoe of one of her dates. While I was down there she said "look at his shoes, they look so much more manly than the little shoes you wear. And look how much larger his foot is than yours, you know what they say about a man’s foot size, don’t you?" One date brought over his laundry for me to wash and dry. When she got home with him and I presented him with his folded clothes she picked up a pair of his underpants and said to him "these are nothing like what the boy wears, his are all silky like ladies panties. Oh well if he enjoys them" and she just let it trail off. I was crimson with embarrassment. She was all but calling me a sissy and in front of the man she had just gone out with.
The day we went shopping just about ended the marriage, but I couldn’t stay mad and gave in to her. We were in the shoe section of a major department store. She was looking at a pair of navy blue pumps with a small open toe when the sales clerk walked up and said "may I help you?" My wife said, "My husband here needs navy pumps." Then she asked me what size are you in a woman’s shoe dear?" "About a 10, isn’t it?" The clerk chimes in with "Oh I am sure we can fit her, we carry a full size range". Many of our customers who crossdress find their sizes here" What the hell "her"" crossdressers". Who was this little twit talking about? Then she says "we carry this shoe in a black patent, would you like to see those?" My dear wife says "yes let’s see how she looks in the navy and these too". She picked up a low-heeled black pump. " For the office?" the clerk said with a smile. I was about to die when my wife turned to me and said, " you know dear, I may start sleeping with one of my boys". So I molded women’s shoes in the largest department store in town while my wife and a clerk young enough to be my daughter discussed my shoe wardrobe. It was almost worth the humiliation for the sex I was rewarded with.
The nice nice changed with the "outfit" the outfit consisted of a short black dress that would be worn with the low heeled black pumps I had tried on in the store. I would wear off black panty hose and a white tea apron, light makeup and a feminized hairstyle. She had decided it would look nice when her boyfriends were waiting for her. And it would make me "less masculine" and they would feel better about taking out my wife. She said, "they are sensitive to your feelings you know?" They know how humiliating it must be to a husband when a wife goes out with men." She didn’t even say "other" men, I was, I guess not a man anymore.
After the black dress was introduced into my life I knew that it would be only a matter of time until other dresses were added. My thoughts on this proved correct. With her perfect logic she decided that I would need bras and slips for my clothes to hang correctly. Knowing her as I did I knew that they would hang correctly or I would wait till hell froze over for my now much needed masturbation.
My disgusting habit as she called it was now under control. She had found a small thing she called a special gaff. It was a small triangle of smooth pink leather. My penis was pulled between my legs and my testicles were pushed up. A small pink leather strap went around my waist and hooked to the triangle, called a codpiece. A small pad lock kept it all together, she kept the key. She explained it all by saying "you will have a much nicer panty line, and it will keep you all ready and randy for me"; she said all this with a big smile on her face. Then she had me put on "a nice dress, we are having company" I was expected to serve.
Some months later I stood in line at the Motor Vehicle Department, my wife stood at my side smiling. I passed the paper work across the counter top to the smiling young woman. "There you go Ma’am. And congratulations on your new identity." "Well dear you have ascended to the ranks of womanhood, feel good?" I looked down blushing slightly at the red toenails peeking out from my black sandals. "Don’t worry honey this is the way I always pictured you"

A Happy Wife

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