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Feminization - A Common Desire for Many Men

Surprisingly many men have intense desires to dress and act like women. This does not automatically mean that they are homosexual (although some are). For example, some of them have wives or girlfriends, whereas others are waiting to go through a sex-change operation before having penetrative sex.
However, many men with these feelings can feel embarrassed, shy or plain scared to let people know. A man may be afraid of the reactions he may get from his wife or girlfriend, friends, or work-mates. He may find confessing this to a religious figure would bring scorn or condemnation.
Yet, he would not be doing anything wrong. He is not harming anyone. This man merely has different feelings and desires. Just as it would be unhelpful to condemn or criticize someone who prefers, say, tennis to football, so it is equally unhelpful to judge a person's feelings for what is known as "feminization".
What is feminization?
Feminization is the process of changing a man's behavior, feelings and even thought patterns into that of a woman. Although the process is never fully complete, a man can, with practice and support, change into an apparently real and convincing woman.
To make this conversion fully, a man needs to overcome some real obstacles. This includes his upbringing, any subconscious blocks, and maybe a lifetime's habit of doing things in a man's way.
Not everyone realizes that the subconscious exerts a powerful control over how a person behaves and feels. By aligning one's subconscious (and unconscious) beliefs, one can generate new behaviors and feelings that feel automatic and natural.
Feminization is no different. In achieving this, a man would no longer have to "fake" being a woman, but could move confidently through the world in a feminine way. Adding the right clothes would turn him into a convincing woman.
Naturally, practice is one way to make new ways of life automatic, natural and unconscious. This means that if we do something often enough, it becomes as automatic as, say, blinking.
How can a man speed up this feminization process? Well, hypnosis is specially designed to work directly with a person's unconscious mind. By utilizing hypnosis, any process -- including feminization -- will be greatly speeded up. We would call this feminization hypnosis.
In summary:
When a man has feelings of wanting to be a woman, this is common and should be accepted. The man can fully engage these feelings and speed them up through a process of feminization hypnosis, quickly and naturally becoming the woman he wants to be.

How Can a Woman Feminize Her Man?

Is it too much to ask for the men in our lives to take dance lessons with us? Can we ever go to a "chick flick" without hearing sighs of boredom? All of these struggles leave us wondering if men are capable of tapping into their sensitive sides. How can we feminize a man without the frustration?
Keep the list short. Start with one sensitive thing at a time, and try to keep it easy. He won't be happy about sitting through a two hour drama, so find something that will be enjoyable for him too. His eyes will not roll to the back of his head if it has some action.
Make it fifty-fifty. If you don't like action movies or movies with a mentality of a twelve year old, then don't expect him to be so cooperative of tear-jerkers. There has to be some meeting of the middle or no one feels they are getting their needs met. Men and women don't need to have the same interests. Pick out one or two things to do together and the rest you can do with friends.
If you wish for it, you might just get it. Make sure you are not trying to make him too feminine or sensitive. You have only yourself to blame if he starts crying at every beer commercial.
Most men just don't have it. As hard as you try, men are not capable of being completely sensitive. They have testosterone more then estrogen, so it may be physically impossible. However, every man has some sensitivity to them, but they express it by being protectors and providers.
Finally, most men are raised differently and cannot be changed. Generally, women are raised with a more sensitive and feminine mentality. Women cannot be changed anymore then men can. We may be asking too much of men to expect them to be sensitive and feminine on the level that women were raised to be.

Why You Should Learn How to Feminize a Man

A man is considered masculine, protective, and destructive (when needed). Feminizing a man means relieving the tensions felt from his presence. Many women feel that it's important to have a man with a hint of femininity so he will understand their needs. This is not true; you can learn how to feminize a man by listening to his needs then integrating them into your own.
The basics of understanding a man's needs are to listen. Men consider their thoughts just as important as those of a woman - which causes conflict in some relationships. Women have stated and continue to complain that men do not share themselves enough in a relationship. You can read thousands of books of how women are concerned about the sensitivity their boyfriends or husbands lack in loving them.
It's not interesting to see someone change because their intimate other decides it. You can learn how to feminize a man by using sensitivity to his needs and showing him that sensitivity is important to you. Soon, you will notice how well he listens and responds during conversations. You may also receive honest answers pertaining to your appearance, but keep it to a minimum. Many women make the mistake of leading their men in the wrong direction with femininity.
Remember to appreciate your husband or boyfriend for listening to you. It takes a lot for some men to break down those barriers to express emotions to the women they love. It's evident that their needs must remain a part of the equation, but you won't have to worry about losing their concerns.
By understanding, working hard, and believing in his well-being, his feminine side will arise. You can be honest when you ask that he feminize himself to be a better man. Or you can teach him how to open up slowly. When you learn how to feminize a man, you learn how to enter his heart with open arms.

how to feminize your hubby?

Ever wonder how to feminize your hubby? Tired of beer, sports and scary movies? Does your hubby think romance is grabbing fast food? Well stay tuned I have tips for you! First and foremost you should realize that your hubby will more then likely not like the idea. This is not to say that it cannot be done, it just comes down to how much your husband cares about your needs and wants to satisfy you.
First of all you need to know what you want to change about your hubby and create a plan. Do you want to have more romance? Spend more time together? Maybe you want him to be more sensitive? Deciding exactly what it is you want and focusing in on that will help you to devise a plan.
Identifying what motivates your hubby and using it against him will be very important. Know what his triggers are, and use them. Don't let him know that you are withholding 'special treatment', just play coy and act like you done know what he wants until he gives in.
You could start slowly with some subliminal tactics. Playing songs like 'Dude Looks Like a lady' and begin to only call him names like love, sweetie, honey, cutie, etc. These things bring out his sensitive side and bring you closer to your goal.
Control your conversations by answering his questions with more questions. If his question is 'Why are we going to this movie?' Your response should be 'Because you love me so much!' Keeping him on his toes like this will sure stop him in his tracks.
Be sure to praise him for all of his attempts at being sensitive. It will take some time to transform your man. Remember that every step gets you closer to your goal!

You want to know how to feminize your house husband. You are no longer thrilled by the unnecessary banter of boys being boys and thoughts of superiority. Perhaps you just want to sit down with your man and talk about that new movie just just came out. Regardless, I will tell you what advice I know.
But you are unsure how to do it. After all, there's not really a book on "How do I make my man drop the beer and pick up the chick flick"? There is a variety of things you could do to get your man in touch with his inner woman!
You could do something delicate together. Don't go get him a manicure, but maybe you take an art class together (sure, he'll likely be more excited if it's a nude portrait class but you don't have to take that one!). Do something soothing and enjoyable for the both of you. Let him show his artistic side.
Talk to him about it. I don't enjoy the idea of going behind someone's back to do anything. It is dishonest. If you want him to stop acting like a man so much, let him know! He will probably stare at you funny but I guarantee that if he loves you he'll make a few changes on his own with time.
Don't treat him like a lady. He will probably see this as more of an insult rather than anything. Don't steal his entire playboy collection and replace it with a feminine magazine. Though that would be hilarious, it is not wise to do anything upsetting or feminizing your man will backfire and he won't be very happy.
In a nutshell, that's how to feminize your house husband. There are many strategies to go about but just keep in mind to be honest to him, and to you. Some men are just too "manly" and there's no getting around that


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