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teach him a lesson

by 'Suzette Denniss'
I keep my husband strictly corseted, and it is something I recommend to all women. Strict corseting does wonders for a man’s attitude, not to mention his posture, his gut, his manners and his fidelity.
Getting started is the most difficult issue for both parties, especially if he resists the idea. However a woman can be very persuasive. Once you have your man in a corset, the rest is easy. Very often they have an erotic curiosity about corsets that can be exploited. In my case, I nagged at him about his posture until he reluctantly agreed to wear a corset. We began just for “dress” occasions. That was five years ago. I gradually increased his corset time and he now is laced 24/7 and wears a much more rigorous corset than the one with which he began. Initially I would simply refuse to unlace him for several hours --- oh my, you should have heard the wailing --- and I gradually increased the hours he wore it. Sex, either giving it or withholding it, can be an effective tactic.
His corset is a heavily boned, back laced leather garment that extends from under bust to mid hip. It is quite formidable. I insist that it always be laced as tightly as possible and I check him and tighten him twice a day.
He is allowed to shower on Wednesday and Saturday and occasionally more often in hot weather. But the corset is reapplied immediately and he is never out of it for longer than 20 minutes. No dallying is tolerated.
There are two schools of thought on enforcing a corset on an unwilling wearer. Some advocate a locking corset and there are models on which a flap with a heavy industrial zipper closes over the laces and is secured with a padlock. They undoubtedly are quite effective and tamper proof and can reduce a man to helpless submission.
I prefer however to leave him unlocked. He knows he can undo his lacing, admittedly with difficulty. But he also knows that it would become immediately evident at his next daily inspection and that punishment would ensue. That way it is not a padlock but your willpower that keeps the corset in place.
My system of punishment is a chastity belt and/or a helmet. I do not believe in caning. The one time he did tamper with his lacing, he was put in his chastity belt (which is entirely foolproof!) for six months and slept every night during that time handcuffed and helmeted. He never tried it again. Now I impose the chastity belt for a month at a time, usually for failure to satisfy me sexually. I must say the threat of a month’s enforced celibacy is very effective in making him both an ardent and innovative lover.
When I do put him in the CB, I usually tell him 12 hours ahead of time so that he can think about it. I then make him put it on himself, adjust it, lock it and hand me the key which I keep in my bra. I find it sexually simulating when he pleads with me to remove it, usually after two or three days, or watching him try to circumvent it. He has never succeeded. It is made of stainless steel.
Of course if I discover him masturbating , which is difficult but still possible in his corset, the belt goes on immediately.
I am planning a punishment corset for him. It’s necessary to come up with regular innovations and new punishments like this so that he never quite knows what to expect. I usually update his situation at Christmas. For example, it was Christmas 2003 I informed him that beginning New Year’s Day 2004 he would be laced 24/7. I remember he went quite pale when I told him and suggested he enjoy the week of free time he had left. At that point he had been laced only 16 hours a day. Usually at Christmas I present him with a new and more restrictive corset and he has come to expect something like that each year. The new one that year incorporated shoulder straps, something else for him to ponder during the week. When we started in the new year, they were tightened one notch a day until they were at their maximum.
Of course corsets have to be laundered. It’s preferable to have two identical garments rather than allow him to wear the old one which is probably less severe.
His new punishment corset extends from neck to knees. It is made of heavy rubber and Kevlar with wide one inch steel boning molded into it at half inch intervals. It is not laced but secured with a series of clamps, something like hose clamps, which are tightened with a power screwdriver. The whole apparatus weighs about 50 pounds. Despite the complexity it can be applied in about twenty minutes. There are locking shoulder straps and the neck corset portion can be zippered and locked to a matching rubber and steel punishment helmet. The helmet has an optional ball gag. The eyes can be either covered with zippered flaps or not. Although the genital area is covered by the corset, a hose fits over the penis to allow urination. Sitting is impossible and I doubt whether I shall impose it for more than four or five days at a time. That should be sufficient. I imagine he will be putty in my hands after a couple of days like this and willing to do anything to avoid being returned to it.
Sometimes a man will be so fearful of such punishment that he actually manages to avoid offending. If that is the case, you must find or invent some excuse on occasion. I feel, at the very minimum, that cumulatively he should spend three months in the CB each year and at least three weeks in the PC. Of course he never is told how long his punishment will last. When he pulls the helmet over his head (I usually but not always make him do that himself as well) he does not know whether it will be there for an hour, a day or a week. When the punishment is for more than a day, I remove the helmet (but not the corset) for 30 minutes each evening so that he can eat and drink. However he is not allowed to speak during that time and also is not told until the last minute whether he has completed his punishment or whether the helmet will be put on again. If there is any complaint or if he talks, the eyes are covered and the next day’s break is cut to five minutes or even cancelled. (It’s possible to provide water or liquid nourishment without removing the helmet but I don’t like to be excessively harsh.) The psychology of this sort of discipline is as important as the treatment itself and several times I have been successful in reducing him to tears. Needless to say, they did not help him.
In presenting your sub with something new like this, it’s important that he be made to fear it. So initially he should be put into it for a short period, perhaps 8 or 12 hours, as a sort of “dress rehearsal” so that he will know what he faces as future punishment. I did this with his chastity belt and will do it also with his new punishment corset.
Some women do not permit their subs to have sex. I allow it but strictly at my wish. If he is in his CB, he is required to satisfy me orally, manually or mechanically which must be very frustrating for him while he is locked up. And of course, if he fails or even if he should ejaculate spontaneously it’s an automatic one week extension of his “sentence.”
It is very important to be firm and strict. You may sometimes even feel pity for him and be inclined to relax your regimen or even reward him with free time or less stringent lacing. This should never be done. You not only must always keep the upper hand, that upper hand must be uncompromising, I was tempted to release him during a spell of particularly hot and humid weather recently but decided that would be unwise. So he stayed rigidly laced and when he sulked about that, I put him in his punishment corset for 24 hours despite the fact he groveled and apologized. My motto is “no excuses and no exceptions.”
I should mention the punishment corset at that time was not as severe as the one I am having made. It was adapted from a surgical support with a severe back brace. I also added handcuffs and a neck brace to it. Wearing it was not a pleasant experience for him although I imagine it will seem like “the good old days” the first time he is put in the new one. I have given the old one to my sister who likes what I have done and plans to impose a corset on her husband shortly.
Another advantage of keeping a man corseted is the fact that it discourages any sexual wandering. It would be very difficult to seduce a woman and then, at the moment of truth, explain why you are wearing a corset. Removing it is not an option because it would be very evident to me that my knot had been undone. Of course, there is always the possibility of a partner who might find the corset “kinky.” If that is a concern, then the chastity belt can be imposed full time.
I have told him he can leave if he wishes but that if he stays, he follows my rules. He stays because despite his situation, he is well cared for. Being of a “sub” nature, he finds being laced erotic although he has asked me if I would reduce the 24/7 schedule. I told him I would consider it but of course I never had any intention of doing so. But while he thought I really was considering it, he was very attentive to me. When I told him, a week later, that he would remain 24/7, he called me a “bitch.” That sort of thing cannot be allowed and so I devised a special punishment. He was put in his chastity belt and given a libido enhancing drug. He told me later he was sorry and that his 24 hours of unrequited sexual desire, being in a CB while feeling incredibly horny, was the worst experience he had ever known and begged me never to do it again. I told him that would depend on his behaviour.
Many corseted men feel self conscious outside the home. It is our experience that nobody really cares or even notices. Of course, the corset means that he is unable to wear light summer clothing. And with the corset’s heavy steel boning and fittings it can be a problem at airport security. We usually inform the security people of the situation ahead of time. Oddly enough, they say such cases are not unusual although they always seem taken aback at the severity of my husband’s corset.
The one exception to his schedule that I made was when he suffered an attack of the flu. I agreed to loosen his laces slightly while he was ill however not remove the corset. But I made him agree that for each day he was loosened while sick, he would spend two days in the punishment corset when he got well. He opted to do it on successive Sundays and at this writing has three more to endure.
There are many advantages and few disadvantages to keeping a man corseted. It curbs any macho tendencies and makes him very dependant on your good will and very sensitive to your moods. It insures his faithfulness, curbs his appetite and inhibits inconvenient demands for sex. A corset does as much for a man’s mind as it does for his body. Some women wish to feminize their men. I want him to remain a man but one whose mind and body are shaped to my will. The corset is invaluable in doing that!

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